In The Milking Shed

CowOccasionally towards the end of a project the anxiety of clients and also our team gradually increases until it reaches palpable levels.

Understandably so, budgets may be on the verge of being exceeded, timings and early mover advantage is slowly being whittled away, the frustration of moving towards the mirage of a release-able product, yet this oasis constantly moving towards the horizon.

Concerned clients might take to forums seeking an answer to the question “will my app ever be finished?”

Unfortunately some answers they find can suggest that developers make their cream by extending projects infinitum in order to charge more. It is sad but some people may have legitimately experienced this practice, but when clients receive this information it can be unfairly projected on the honest Developer.

In reality software development is quite nebulous and even very good work by client and developer doesn’t ensure that a vision is easily achieved.

I can tell you from my experience we love to complete a project. There is more joy and more opportunity in efficiently completed projects, than our extending projects by squeezing remaining drops of resources from our clients.

Instead our hope is to complete a project and only return to the project after the first version has been released, is enjoying good take-up and yielding returns so that our clients can invest these into additional development phases.

We also understand that developing the app is only the start, our clients need resources left to take the next step. Milking them is one way to ensure that repeat business is made impossible.

So to summarise:

– Every job we complete is a step closer to a new job and

– This job can take the form of a second phase because our client realises success

– or a new client through a positive referral by the client of the last successful job

– The closer we take a client to their limit, the less likely that any of these can happen.

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