Old Dogs – New Bricks

Analyst Horace Dediu recently made reference in his Podcast “The Critical Path”  to a blog article (from Hank’s Tumbler) on how YouTube may well have wasted its capital by offering funds to mainstream media companies to create exclusive YouTube content.

The blog’s thesis is that the experience (or perhaps habits) of the traditional players, cause the creation of content which does not fit the medium and thus finds no audience.

On the flipside, new players with few established rules can shape themselves to match the new opportunity and find more success.

Discounting the entrepreneur / venture outlier where millions can be given to even recent graduates, I recognise the same dilemma in the creation of software for enterprise and in particular for government.

My conversations with a couple of Australian enterprise software providers, demonstrates to me that they are very underprepared to tackle the competition rising around them in the form of agile developers and multidisciplinary digital groups.

Barely have the traditional players come to terms with true Software as a Service (SaaS or Cloud), but even those who are managing this hurdle have another even taller innovation to leap … the mobile app.

One recently explained to me that they have mobile covered. They can make their software available on mobiles through the use of a virtual desktop client; this means that people on mobile devices can have the same quality experience as they can on their Desktop.

Visiting their website and navigating (with difficulty on my phone) to their mobile solutions, I find mention of three devices: tablets, netbooks and laptops.

Yeah they have mobile covered!

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