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patreon_logo_emblemIn my last post “Piracy – is no longer a Spade!” I was appealing to consumers of content to help the creators of content earn a living. I also appealed for some new ideas to provide consumers a method of directly contributing to the costs of this creative activity.

For some related content check out the The New Disruptors podcast Pompla Up the Volume with Jack Conte (Episode 39)

In this episode host Glenn Fleishman talks to Jack Conte a musician and entrepreneur, and one-half of the group Pomplamoose.

Jack explains why going on tour as a musician has not been a sustainable way of allowing fans to contribute financially to their creative endeavors. With Glenn’s help he also explains the an artist-supporting platform Patreon.

This platform facilitates the direct and ongoing connection between consumer and creator.

Check it out.

P.S. another couple of direct support platform that have recently been tweeted to me are:



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